Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) is a product organization with a rich 16-year experience in building path-breaking patented products for various industries. We have leveraged our strengths in analytics and social media to offer a powerful sentiment analytics product, Cuecent Pulse.
Advanced Sentiment Analytics, Brand / Influencer Watch, Campaign Management, Lead Generation and Reputation Management are just some of the features that would empower organizations to use the wealth of customer data and feedback available on social media to drive business benefits.



LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Weibo, LastFM, Reddit, Sound Cloud, Craiglist, Mouthshut.

Source Systems Coverage

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn + adaptors to 100+ channels.

Multi Language

Listens to Conversations in 30 Languages other than English.

Comprehensive Search Dashboard

Last 30, 60, 90 days Sentiment Graph, Keywords Listing, Word Cloud, Top 5 Sources, Top 5 Opinion Makers & Top 5 Location.

Keyword Management

To configure the keywords / key phrases for automatic monitoring and setting up the frequency of gathering information.

Sentiment Analysis

To analyze and compute the Sentiments associated with Social media conversations and user generated comments.

Customer Engagement

Well sequenced communication using templatized Safe PR Statements to engage with the Influencer.

Reports & Dashboards

Contextual reports available relating to keywords, users, customers, tickets and so on. Dashboard displays results on a real time basis where users get a great experience with data.


To provide Access Control & Account Restriction for the customized solution deployment.

Campaign management

Through a single unified interface, you can create campaigns and run it across all the channels that have been integrated.

Brand management

Pulse tracks the feeds of multiple publications and dailies and provides the sentiment and triangulation features.

Competitor Analyses

Pulse monitors the mentions about competitors and provides you with a neat dashboard.


Advanced Triangulation Search to identify the Influencer using Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other Social Media Sites.

Influencer Rating

Customizable option to determine the Influencer Rating based on fans / followers and social sharing.
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